Friday, December 14, 2018

Pretty Mike The New Fendi Ambassador [Photos]

It's no longer news that Nigerian rich boys, both at home and abroad love designers and we mean they are crazy over it. Husspuppi won't be the first, but we have to give it to him, he made it more ''popular'' from his slippers to hit toilet roll (literally) is Gucci and papi has been getting gifts from the designer house steadily for being a good customer. Huss stays in Dubai by the way.

Fast forward to Naija, to our adorable club owner (hehe) Pretty Mike who is by every standard daring. Though Pretty Mike started with wild things, moving around with girls in Lagos as if they were slaves etc, but that has all ended now, and dude has redefined his 'brand'. Mike attends parties differently too, he sets out to beat the hosts even if its their WEDDING DAY.

Well, you know what? He is now into designer stuffs and he is doing it head to toe!!! Fendi Ambassador? You can say that again. Check out some of the stuffs he rocked recently back to back-- all FENDI!