Monday, December 24, 2018

Rita Ora Admits She's 'Nervous All The Time' & 'Never Satisfied' As She Strips Off

She's known for her brazen self-confidence and speaking her mind.

But Rita Ora has revealed she's 'nervous all the time' and is 'never satisfied' in a interview with Love Magazine.

The singer, 28, stripped off in a sizzling video as she confessed: 'I always want to do something else, something more. I never wanted to stop moving. Keep moving, keep working'.

Speaking of always being nervous, the RIP hitmaker said: 'Sometimes makes it difficult and people may not understand you. You wanna scream from the rooftops just for someone to receive you.

Going for a stripped back look, Rita looked a world away from her usual quirky glamour, tousling her golden lock back into a messy bun and floating around in an effervescent pink dress.

She later stripped off and revealed all to the camera, showing off her washboard abs as she hugged herself to hide her ample assets.