Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Stop Fighting For God, Uche Nnaji Tells Nigerians

Nigerian Fashion designer, Uche Nnaji has advised Nigerians to stop fighting for God and actually let the big MAN fight for himself. Uche said this in a Facebook post today. He wrote;

''The URGE by the Nigerian church-Goers to always FIGHT for God is not only Worrisome but also Hilarious.

It is this same URGE that drives some extremist think it is their primary KIP in life to defend a FATE and god and so they bomb PUBLIC transportation and places because they believe it is in their POWER to fight for their god and defend its integrity.

I don’t want to believe that the God who struck down UZZAH the “nice man with Noble intentions “ trying to “HELP HIM “ stop the Ark of Covenant from falling has become powerless that the Nigerian Church-Goers always want to fight his battles .

the sooner we understand that God doesn’t need us to fight his battles and protect his man names and
titles , the better for us.''