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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Video: Nigerian Couple Celebrates Boxing Day With Their Kids, TOTALLY Neglects Young Housemaid

This very will make you teary! It will be the worst video you have seen this season. Considering, it’s even festive period, she should have been tagged along. We hope this woman, who is also a mother will see this video and feel bad. The very sad video shared by a twitter user after the cut.


  1. Replies
    1. Everything a man sows will he reap

  2. Why take a housemaid if you can't treat them like family. They are human too

  3. This is very wrong. The girl will be cursing them hard

  4. Imagine what goes on in the house, if the can act like this outside. Wicked people. It is still the maid that will be feeding their kids tomorrow. Be good

  5. If I was there I would have confronted this people disgrace them and cause a scene

  6. Imagine what the poor little child could be going through in the house if this can happen in public

  7. Aswear, this is terrible God help the helpless