Thursday, December 13, 2018

What's The Similarity In 'Cum' & 'Christmas'

Okay they have same first letters? LMAO... These our OAPS are too corrupt, just too corrupt for comfort. See, BeatFm's Osi Suave is naturally hilarious, but he stressed it with this tweet. If you follow him on twitter, you may want to unfollow before he makes your heart seize one day from laughter. He even calls himself the Cinderella man. His tweets are not normal, you know something out of no where. And just yesterday, Osu had the guts to address ladies this way? Can you imagine? He has the guts to say this? Someone cc Yomi Shogunle, someone must pay lol.

A female was however first to respond to him, saying;

''Soooo, I dont owe anyone a Christmas gift then'' (sharp girl, lol)

Then a male followed;

''Means I'll be getting a whole truck filled with gifts this year? Hahaha'' (omo buruku)

Then another female;

''Fortunately for me, No gift for anyone but MYSELF'' (hmm awon dildo queens) lol.

And the trend went onnnn.... lol.