Thursday, December 6, 2018

Woman Gets A Designer Vagina To Save Her From Carrying Extra Underwear Around & It's Not Her Fault

A mother-of-two who had to carry spare underwear with her after being plagued by years of stress incontinence following childbirth has revealed how a designer vagina has transformed the condition - and her s-x life.

Abby Short, 56, from Billericay, struggled to run, cough, sneeze or laugh without incontinence striking after giving birth to her youngest son, now 15.

She says she was inspired to seek help after listening to model Danielle Lloyd talk about having a designer vagina for the same condition.

Abby paid £1,900 for the intimate treatment which uses a laser to improve elasticity and strength in the vaginal wall and says its made her feel '15 years younger.'

A regular user of anti-ageing procedures, had the tightening treatment after years of incontinence forced her to carry spare knickers everywhere saying she looks after her face, 'so why not take care of the rest' of her body.

Now, following three lunchtime procedures lasting just five minutes each, the Billericay events planner says she feels like she is back in her 40s, when she and her company director husband, John, 62, make love, adding: 'I feel younger, like I'm back in my heyday.'

Before the Femilift vaginal rejuvenation treatment which gently heats the vaginal tissue contracting existing fibres and stimulating the formation of new collagen Abby suffered with embarrassing leaking everywhere from the office to during exercise classes.

Confident it was the right solution for her, she contacted Courthouse Clinics, the company where she already went for Botox, having the first of three sessions in London on June 29 this year noticing a difference straight away.

She continued: 'It's given me a real confidence boost and makes me feel so much younger, knocking 15 years off how I feel in the bedroom.

'I couldn't recommend it enough.'