Monday, December 17, 2018

Scary! Woman Horrified As Eight Of Her Fingers Turn Black After Doing Housework

A woman who left a small cut untreated was horrified when eight of her fingers turned black. The woman, known only as Mrs Zhang, suffered a small wound while she was completing housework.

As the cut was only minor, the 53-year-old from Hubei Province in China paid little notice to it and left it to repair as normal.

However, that two days later she noticed a bruise appear around the wound which then began to spread.

Then her entire left hand, except the thumb, and all but the little finger of her right hand turned black.

After visiting a doctor, Mrs Zhang was told that she had gangrene in eight of her fingers.

As well as the black colour to her skin, the black hands became very itchy, dry, painful and gradually numb.

Thankfully following treatment at hospital, Mrs Zhang's symptoms have improved.

However, doctors have warned that anyone with similar symptoms should seek medical help immediately.

Gangrene is a condition that happens when body tissue dies.