Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Meet World's Most Popular Sperm Donor Who Is Only 27 & Also Eff Naturally To Make Women Pregnant

The 'world's most popular sperm donor' who has fathered 18 children is offering to come to the UK to impregnate British women - for the cost of a flight ONLY.

Kyle Gordy, 27, who currently has 18 children, said: “If anyone in the UK wants my services I am happy to travel. I'd go anywhere to help women out, apart from North Korea or any war zone.”

Kyle decided to donate his sperm after a string of failed relationships convinced him that he was not the relationship type but he still had "that primal urge" to procreate.

So he set up a Facebook page offering his services in 2014, and his first attempt resulted in a healthy pregnancy and demand for his sperm has increased ever since.

Kyle said: “I'm a very, very popular guy. 100 people hit me up every month. I'm in high demand. I can't help everyone but I usually donate to between two and five people every month.

"I always wanted kids but I get bored in relationships very quickly.

"Sperm donation gives me an outlet, I have no pressure to find a girlfriend but I still get to have children. For me, sperm donation is a substitute for having a girlfriend."

Speaking about his clients Kyle said that he has sex with 25 per cent of them – the oldest being 42 and youngest was just 18.

He said: “One woman in her 50s has asked me to impregnate her daughter, who is 29, so that she can adopt the child. Then the following year, her daughter wants to get pregnant with me again so she can keep the baby herself. I'm flying out to impregnate her naturally next month.

"I asked her mum if she would be there too but said she wouldn't be."

Kyle promises good looking, super intelligent babies saying: "I come from a good family. My dad's a lawyer, my mum's a programmer and my granddad was a professor at UCLA and a personal friend and colleague of Albert Einstein. So the babies are getting all those law and engineering genes too.”



  1. Hopefully he has more than his parenta qualifications and grand dad. I didn’t see him list he has except the sperm

  2. I think funke Akindele and others should hire him too

    1. You are mean and this is wrong

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    1. Wife? I dont think he will marry

  4. At 27? This one don kolo