Friday, December 21, 2018

Yemi Alade Apologises After Tiwa Savage Fires Back

Yemi Alade started a drama today shading someone that looks like a letter 'i' but loves to increase her butt on social media to deceive fans. Well, Tiwa didn't admit increasing her butt, but still got her shade and FIRED back at her fellow singer. Not believing how damaging her tweet will get and the lash back from fans, Yemi Alade has now gone back to where she started the drama -- twitter, to apologize, but still insisted, we all should be proud of the way we are created, either thin, tall, short, with or without yansh. Talk about troublemaker, lol.


  1. Aunty you knew whom you were referring to, you werent expecting her to reply you. Its no secret that you all dont get along.

  2. Yemi alade floped on this

  3. Women hating on each other since 1900