Friday, December 7, 2018

You Know The Car Femi Martins Bought Khloe Few Months Ago? It’s Gone Now [Photo]

Few months ago, Obafemi Martins bought reality star Khloe a car. But sadly, Khloe was involved in an accident with the car and it has now been badly damaged. Though many said they have a thing together, but Khloe swears Femi only bought her the ride cause the one she had is half dead.

Sharing photos of the accident, she wrote;

‘’He saved me, I’m grateful Lord

Satan you failed again. Give up or all your agents will die in my space.’’


  1. What you don't work for will never last

  2. Thank God for life

  3. she no sabi drive or what?

  4. Maybe she's destined not to be a car owner.

  5. There is more to this. Showing off on social media can usher in the wrath of the village people. This is the second BBA contestant this would be happening to.