Tuesday, January 15, 2019

11-Year Old Girl On Her Period Scared To Return To School After School Won’t Let Her Use The Toilet

A schoolgirl on her period bled through her clothes twice when staff refused to let her to go to the toilet.

The 11-year-old's mother was horrified when she returned home from Cotham School in Bristol with bloodstains on her clothes.

The parent, who wanted to protect her daughter’s identity, said she no longer wanted to attend school while on her period and was left feeling 'humiliated'.

'They should not be making young girls feel guilty because she needs to go to the bathroom and sort out her basic care,' she told Bristol Live.

‘Now, she’s scared to go to school in case they won’t let her out of the classroom, that’s not what we should be teaching girls.’

After the mother repeatedly complained to the school, teachers issued her daughter with a toilet pass.

The first incident happened in September when the girl asked to go to the bathroom in a lesson after realising she was on her period, but the teacher said no.

The school vowed this would not happened again.


  1. That’s not nice and are they no women in that school who would understand what she is going through

  2. I will not hesitate to withdraw my own daughter from such school

  3. Enter your comment...not good

  4. That's BS...and she still allow her to attend the same school?