25-Year Old Kenyan Man Chops Off His Manhood After Getting Drunk


A man chopped off his manhood after a drinking session, but efforts to reattach it were hampered as panicking neighbours left the organ behind.

Sam Maina, 25, alerted residents about the gruesome act with chilling screams from his Kenya home in the early hours of the morning.

Neighbours raced him to hospital for life-saving surgery in Kericho but the operation was delayed because his p-nis was left behind on his bed.

Police then had to rush to the victim’s house to retrieve the blood-drenched organ.

He is now recovering after the bizarre drama as officials wait for him to reveal why he mutilated himself.

A neighbour claimed Maina had been boozing and may not have been “fully aware of what he was doing.” Seriois village issues? Lol

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