Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Alexis Ohanian Joins The #10YearChallenge With Beautiful Writeup Of His Last 10 Years

Alexis Ohanian, Serena WIlliams husband has shared a beautiful instagram post to celebrate his last 10 years and praising his wife, and daughter in between. Posting the above photos on IG, Alexis wrote;

2009 (freshfaced) on stage at @ted giving a talk about @reddit.

2019 (bearded with many grays) after countless speaking appearances, my toughest crowd is now convincing @olympiaohanian that raspberries alone are not a complete meal.

In between these photos, I left Reddit, started some other companies, wrote a bestselling book, returned to help lead the Reddit turnaround, left again in order to do @initialized full-time, married the incomparable @serenawilliams, and -- my proudest achievement yet -- co-created this little human. Not a bad decade. I cannot wait for the next 10 years. #DadThings