Saturday, January 12, 2019

Anita Joseph Curses ''Friend'' Who Asked Her To Reduce Her Hips & Bum

Anita Joseph has cursed a 'friend' who asked her to try and reduce her hips and bum because they are too much. According to Anita, she will never do that, because people now pay millions to have her God given gift. She then went ahead to start cursing the person. She wrote;

“So some one said to me Today. Please Anita you need to reduce ur hips and bum   
Excuse me reduce this hips and bum ? This body that people pay millions to have now?
And God gave me for free you say i shuld wat waka shege gi dere wicked evil persn are you maaad. Ezigbo kitikpa na Enwe ‘ro nne na Nna gba gi dere''.


  1. Vanity upon vanity. What is in having a big or small hips. Just enjoy yourself the way you were created

  2. All na to sell market

  3. She must be thinking she has the best shape in the world lol

  4. Mtchews, what is this one feeling like?

    1. Sooooo one isn't allowed to feel for themselves again? Na honest question

  5. If you reduce your hips , wetin you go gain