Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Boyfriend's P!nis Cracked & Swelled To The Size Of A Wine Bottle After He Fractured It During S*x

A painter and decorator fractured his p-nis while having s-x with his girlfriend. Sean Marsden, 48, was getting intimate with Louise Gray, 36, on December 22 last year when he slipped and heard a 'crack'.

Writhing in 'off the scale' pain, Mr Marsden watched in horror as his p-nis swelled to 'the size of a wine bottle'. 

He was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery to repair a p-nis fracture and torn urethra.

After spending a night in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Mr Marsden was sent home barely able to walk and told to be celibate for the next month.

But the couple had s-x just three weeks later - despite Mr Marsden's p-nis still being sore and bruised.
Mr Marsden knew something was wrong as soon as he heard the crack, which he claims occurred after he slipped into Miss Gray's pelvis, The Sun reported.

While he watched his p-nis swell, his girlfriend of six months called 999.

Once at hospital, Mr Marsden was immediately given morphine while doctors tried to get to the bottom of the problem.
After a 'penile exploration', surgeons repaired his damaged muscles and torn urethra. 

Mr Marsden was discharged the following day with painkillers, as well as a temporary catheter to carry urine out of his body while his urethra healed.

His p-nis also had to be wrapped in bandages with a plastic rod along the shaft to ensure the muscles repaired straight.

Mr Marsden - who admits to having a high s-x drive - was initially convinced he would never get intimate again, with the very thought making him nauseous.

Miss Gray, who claims the ordeal has left her 'traumatised', was also worried about hurting him and felt guilty for the pain her boyfriend suffered.

On the road to recovery, Mr Marsden 'couldn't wait' to have s-x again and assumed his frequent erections meant his p-nis was healed.

But he adds the 'first time' was painful.

The couple - who used to have almost daily intercourse - have only had s-x twice since the incident.

Mr Marsden also worries whether the penis fracture has damaged his fertility as he hopes to one day start a family with Miss Gray.

'I am definitely going to be more careful in the future,' he said. 'We need to be more gentle because I can't afford for that to happen again.'

The couple now face an anxious wait before an upcoming hospital appointment, where they will discover if the fracture has hampered their hopes of conceiving.