Tuesday, January 29, 2019

British Woman Jailed For Illegal Painkillers In Egypt Is Denied Of Seeing Her Egyptian Husband As She's Freed From Prison

British woman Laura Plummer has flown home from Egypt after a 14-month ordeal in prison for carrying illegal painkillers.

The 34-year-old from Hull was granted an early release from her three-year sentence for taking 290 Tramadol tablets into the country.

She said police had led her into the airport terminal, denying her the chance to say goodbye to her Egyptian partner Omar Caboo.

But she hinted she could return to the country to see her partner, for whom she said she had brought the tablets, The Sun reported.

As she prepared to return to Britain last night she told the newspaper: 'I'm so happy to be free from prison at last and coming home.

'I just want to get home and have a long bath and to get in my own bed. It's been like living a nightmare but one which I never woke up from.

'It's been a terrible ordeal for me and my family and to think it's finally all over is overwhelming.'

She said Mr Caboo had 'refused to give up on me' and that 'our love has survived the most traumatic of ordeals', saying: 'For that reason I can't say I won't ever go back'.

Miss Plummer was arrested by Egyptian authorities on October, 9 2017, when she flew into the Red Sea resort of Hurghada from Manchester Airport.

She claimed she was taking the tablets - which are legal in the UK but banned in Egypt - for her Egyptian partner Omar Caboo, who suffers from severe back pain, and had no idea what she was doing was wrong.

Miss Plummer and Mr Saad had an Orfi marriage, which is not registered with the state but allows them to share a hotel room.

She was initially charged with smuggling drugs, which carries the death penalty.