Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Coleen's 'Furious Phone Call To Husband Wayne Rooney Over Drunken Airport Arrest Revealed

Wayne Rooney has been banned by wife Coleen from leaving the house without her following his drunken arrest at a US airport.

The former England captain was on the end of a furious phone call from Coleen, who is said to have yelled at him: 'How many times do you need to be told?'

A source told The Sun: 'She told him he wasn't to go out of the house again without her supervision. She was mortified when she got the call about it and wanted him straight home. She called him an idiot for doing something so stupid.

She warned him to never do something so daft again. When he's been drinking and gets into trouble it upsets her because she thinks it gives a bad impression of their relationship.'

Ex-Manchester United star Rooney, 33, who now plays for Washington's DC United in the US, was held in a cell for public intoxication and swearing after his drink-fuelled outburst at the city's Dulles Airport on December 16.

He is said to have become disorientated and triggered a security alarm after mixing alcohol and sleeping pills during a 14-hour flight from Riyadh where he had been on a promotional event.

The Rooney family were spotted together for the first time since news broke that Wayne was locked up for four hours for public intoxication.

Wayne and his family are now back in America having been at their Cheshire mansion enjoying an extended Christmas break before he starts training with his teammates in a fortnight.