Wednesday, January 9, 2019

David Beckham Shows Off His New Hair

When it comes to hairstyles David Beckham is the gift that keeps on giving. The former Manchester United and England player has set more male hair trends than any other celebrity over three decades.

And on Monday night David attended a GQ magazine dinner hosted to celebrate London Fashion Week Men’s boasting a rather impressive head of hair.

His quiff was in stark contrast to the sparse look he was sporting in September when he was photographed soaking up the sun at a Miami pool party.

David’s hair colour also appeared more natural with what looked to be subtle grey streaks.

Whether he is no longer hitting the dye bottle, or if he has simply decided to let his new year grey do its thing, remains to be seen.

Either way, there is no doubt many will follow suit. John Frieda stylist Jonathon Eagland said: “Men embracing their grey hair is fantastic. Hiding and covering up grey can be time consuming and not very cost effective, especially if hair is short.

“The bleaching movement for men with all of these grey and silver toners has helped with the natural grey hair transition.

“The fact Beckham is doing it will pave the way for many more men to feel comfortable about it.