Thursday, January 31, 2019

Eleven-Month-Old Baby Burned To Death By His Drunk Grandparents

An 11-month-old baby was burned alive in a stove by his grandparents, say police. The boy, Maxim Sagalakov, was left by his mother Viktoria, 20, in the care of her parents in the Khakassia district of Russia.

When she returned, the distraught mum found the child’s charred remains in the stove of the family’s house in Kharoy village.

“The grandparents were drunk and killed the baby,” said a statement from the regional Investigative Committee in charge of probing serious crime.

“A family member found the body of the boy badly damaged by the high temperature inside the stove.”

The exact cause of death is under forensic investigation but it believed the child died from incineration after being burned alive on Tuesday.

A neighbour said the grandfather had been out and got drunk on vodka.

When he returned the child was thrown into the stove.

The grandmother, 42, and grandfather, 47, are both under arrest and a criminal investigation has been launched into the “deliberate murder of a helpless minor”, said law enforcement sources.

Neighbour Evgeniy Borgoyakov said told Russian television the grandfather had “turned mad from alcohol".

“He came back home, and we hear he pushed the baby into the wood-burning stove. That was it.”

Mother Viktoria Sagalakova, 20, left an emotional message on social media.

“Rest in peace, my beloved son,” she wrote.

“My dear little son. My pain does not ease even for a minute.

“How will I cope with it that you are not with me?

“I can’t hug you. Only your photograph is here with your kind and tender look.

“I look at your picture and you are smiling to me. I miss you so much my son.

“Please come to see me just for one second. Come to see me in my dreams.

“I know that you see everything now because you are flying so high.”