Monday, January 28, 2019

Exam Failure: My Story... JUST FOR LAFFS

Lol, God bear me witness this is just for laffs. I read Reno's post and mehn i have been laughing so hard. This story i remember so well and well.. it's still happening. So i remember in my university days, well i got into media in my second year in school before i started blogging in my final year. So yea, i wasn't the book type. I love to dress up, come to class, listen, but don't stress me with your vocabularies, theories... no, i get tired.

But when i got to my 3rd year, i knew i wasn't going to need my degree (LOL)... I just knew it. But i said i will push on, incase I might want to get into a public office in future.

I was tired of seeing people in class frowning and reading and reading.  Who died now? Then, there's this set of us, who will immediately leave class once the lecturer is out, and ask someone in class to ring us when another one comes in. We would hang out at a restaurant, gist and talk about life (yea it takes the stress off us, lol). Most times, we might not even return to class, because no lecturer will come again.

Anyway, we became the 'bad set', the unserious students, LOL. But we still didn't care. Our mates will look at us, eye us and say, you guys don't know why you are here. Duh! Who still cares, lol!

Again, fashion meant alot to us. It's 'baffing' up before book. Anyway, long story short, we always managed to pass our exams, we always do.

Now in my finaly year, i knew i had to be serious, so i was. And there's this girl who is the MOST BRILLIANT. Everyone knows, one way or the other, she became my friend. I would buy her food (LOL)  still buy drinks and bring to class for her. So during exams, we mostly sit together.

Note; everyone wants to sit with this girl, so it was always war. Sometimes i will tell her, i have this new slippers i can give her o, LOL, She gets excited and says Dunni, don't worry, you will be the one to seat next to me, lol.

Then exam comes. AFter answering the ones i can, i am like Girrrrrrrrrrllll i'm done, let me see, LOL and she would let me. But then, sometimes, she would just  change and tell all of us, see i won't teach anyone this particular course today because i want to have a unique score, i don't want anyone close to my score. LOL. So she will cover her answer sheet all through. LOL. This sometimes make me angry, and sometimes i just tell her waka... Make we finish exam o, i wan go blog LOL... That one is my own exam LOL.
So, sometimes, she is good, sometimes she is not. Alas, today, the story is not the same. Sadly, she has never been gainfully employed. It's dropping her CV from one organisation to another till she got fed up. This happened to most people in her 'group' (the efficos) and today she is managing one shop somewhere.

The last time we spoke, she told me how life has been hard and when i asked about her other group members, it's one sorry story or the other.

Indeed, if a child is not brilliant in school, leave her o He/she might have interest in other things, let them explore! It;s the way I will be raising my children, you will read o, but have any other interest? Let's go there, lol. Thank you Uncle Reno jare, you made some of us feel good today. I know 90percent of you are like me, dont even dare pretend LOOOOOOOOOL.


  1. Cool story! This makes you more human than just a blogger. And it takes a lot for someone to admit there weren’t the most brilliant in class and the copy copy type which I was with my clique too

  2. Yes, it's true but that is not an excuse to allow any kids to be lazy with their books. Things are different now......

  3. Education does not guarantee success. One can labour and still be EMPTY but when you are FAVOURED you can never be EMPTY. Everything is all about GRACE ......Fingers can never be equal

  4. That's true
    most of the guys playing football for the school then that we termed olodo are all making cool cash in different countries while we dey the same place hustling o

  5. You wont kill me with laugh

  6. Na true, Class rep, Headgirl, Class captain, President of press club and ADC, Best overall student, best English student wetin I gain sef?

  7. Education does not guarantee success

  8. School na scam

  9. With money now you can buy certificate