Friday, January 11, 2019

Fresh News! Popular BBC Weather Presenter Dianne Oxberry Dies Of Cancer

BBC presenter Dianne Oxberry has died suddenly at the age of 51 after recently being diagnosed with cancer causing colleagues broke down on air as her death war revealed today.

The married mother-of-two, who found fame as a sidekick for Steve Wright and Simon Mayo on Radio 1, retrained as a meteorologist and became BBC North West's weather presenter in 1994.

Fellow weather presenter Simon King choked back tears on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning and said: 'It's devastating, absolutely devastating. It has been such a quick process, this whole thing. It has hit us like a ton of bricks'.

Dianne was also famously adored by comedian Peter Kay, who once crawled on his hands and knees to get close to her as she gave a forecast on live TV.

Hugging her he then declared: 'God love Dianne Oxberry. You made it sunshine for everyone'.

Ms Oxberry lived in Manchester with her husband Ian Hindle, a cameraman, and their two young children, and said today: 'Dianne was an amazing wife and mother who embraced life to the full. The children and I will miss her more than anyone can imagine.