Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fuel Tanker Catches Fire On Iyana Iba/Barracks Road This Morning [Photos/Video]

A fuel tanker this morning caught fire at the Iyana Iba, Barracks, Mile 2 road causing heavy traffic (which is still on) Other cars were also burnt in the process and a 40-ft container filled with generators owned by a business man was also destroyed. According to a twitter user who is an eye witness, suggests the accident was due to bad road.

''IYANA IBA, BARRACKS, MILE 2 ROAD is a death trap... We have been saying this repeatedly. A tanker caught fire and burnt cars and containers. The traffic right now is not of this world. This is just January, how will the rest of the year be. God help us'' the witness tweeted. Also watch a video from the incident below...