Sunday, January 20, 2019

Harrysong Makes Peace With Kcee & Emoney

Harrysong has made peace with his former Five State Music label boss Emeka Okwonko E-money and label mate Kingsley Okwonko , Kcee which we think is great!

Annpuncing the peace making, Harrysomg wrote on twitter;

''I had a great time at my listening party yesterday & it gave me time to reflect as I watched my young bro @skiibii perform his hit song #sensima. Making peace with yourself begins with your ability to face your truth.

My journey will never be complete without @iam_kcee & @iam_emoney1 you were part of the vessels that God used to change my story

I appreciate you both, I was hurt & reacted at the time but regardless of what happened, I recognise the impact you made in my life.

Never bite the finger that fed you my people...let love lead

#journeybyharrysong #mystory#myjourney #newbeginings #kingmakerđŸ’Ș''