Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Harrysong Shares Fun Photo With His Only Parent!

Harrysong is an orphan and that is not news. The singer, was raised by his grandmother, who lost her husband while she was just 28 but refused to re-marry! Harrysong posted the photo singing her praises and disclosing how much he loves her. This is not the first time he will celebrate her! He wrote;

''This woman lived for me, sold rappers to pay my fees, farm, fish for me to survive, she was just 28 years old wen my grand father passed on, according to my tradition,she was suppose to get married to some else in the family as the tradition demands,but she refused getting married to any one else ,and chose to stay with us alone, bond with us, her love for me is heavenly,she won’t leave this village no matter the gift and money, she’s my grandmother,I call her miloskey , I love her so much, MY JOURNEY ❤️💪''