Friday, January 18, 2019

I Am A Single Mum Not Because I Was Promiscuous

A woman named Folashade has taken to her Instagram page to narrate how and why she is a single mother. She said that she's a single mum doesn't mean she was promiscuous or immoral.

am a single mum not because i was promiscuous, not because I had many men, not because i was immoral.

But because i trusted the wrong man with my heart,gave myself out to the wrong man who took advantage of my simple naive and pure love.the man promised heaven but led me the hell way.

Am a single mum bcos I was brave enough to go the way alone, endure ridicule and hatred alone, get misjudged alone.i endured all emotions of rejection alone, i endured all difficulties of pregnancy and embraced motherhood alone and emerged as a strong woman all alone.

I protected my child all alone and endured all innocent questions that would stab my heart alone, “Mummy, where is my dad?”. The single mums deserves respect and congratulations for enduring to the end all alone as the dead beat went on with life as if we do not exist. Sometimes I do cry,sometimes I feel wretched,I feel weak and lost but I look at my child and remember “I must remain strong, composed, courageous and focused since that child has no one else to look up to except me

Big up to all single mothers who stood up strong and brave when the coward took on,the sky is our starting point #OmodaraOdicase#StrongWoman#, she wrote.


  1. So true, some people are just victim of circumstance

  2. Be strong for your daughter, we all can't get it right and better

  3. Not all single mothers are actually promiscuous

  4. What should we call Sophia, Amanda, and Sola own?

    1. Were you there when they were dating the men and having sex with them. You dunno what the guys told them to get in their pants so shut the fuck up

  5. Big ups to all the single mum out there

  6. No worry una get senior mama