Friday, January 25, 2019

IG Mum Who Advises Parents On How To Raise Children Caught On Camera Cruelly Beating Her Boy

An Instagram mother who posts lifestyle advice for parents has been caught cruelly abusing her own son.

Olga Shvetsova, 31, was filmed kicking and slapping her six year old boy at a shopping centre play area.

The Ukrainian blogger only stopped when a woman employee of the mall ran to intervene and separated her from son Vitalik.

'She was shouting – "I hate you" – and all that sort of stuff,' said an eyewitness.
Another said: 'She was totally insane.'

Natalia, manager of the play area, said: 'When the child is being kicked in his back – it is not at all a calm way to behave.

'All our staff were stunned.'
Police in Zaporizhia were called but took no action, yet a scandal erupted after the shocking CCTV footage was released on the web.
Shvetsova was hit by a wave of revulsion in messages posted to her account, which she then deleted, and on other social media.

She retorted that it was better to discuss 'shoes or knickers' than her violent attack.

'This mother who nearly broke the spine of her son with her foot is a well known blogger,' said one critic.

'In her Instagram account she posts photographs of her children and even shares tips for parents on upbringing.'

One said: 'This is the true face of Instagram mums.'

Other angry comments said: 'There is nothing maternal in her behaviour, there is nothing human about it either.'

And: 'If she is behaving in such a way in public, can you imagine what she does at home behind closed doors?'

The Instagram mother then claimed she was suffering from 'fatigue and emotional tiredness'.

Her son 'did not get any bruises', she said.