Happy New Year

Friday, January 4, 2019

Iyanya Also Talks Surviving Depression

The singer spoke out minutes ago in a post he made to appreciate his two million followers on Instagram stating it was also hard for him in 2018. He used the opportunity to mourn late DJ Xgee, and urged everyone to speak up in dark times.


  1. Ladun, go and fix the headline.
    Depression is real, if you're going though something please seek for help. It is well with us.

  2. On another note, when Nigerian celebrities are not popping again they claim depression or something related but the minute the fame kicks in again they don’t talk about it again

  3. It is a known thing that you didn't have a good 2018. I am happy you survived it

  4. Everyone is going through something. Buhari how far? Is this life?