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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Lagos DJ XGee Commits Suicide [He’s Pictured]

A Lagos-based DJ, XGee with real names as Seun Omogaji, has allegedly committed suicide. The DJ who dropped a note on his instagram page committed suicide 4 hours after. According to sources, XGee drank sniper.

Below is what he wrote on instagram before the God forbidden act. How does one look this good and happy and then suicide? People are facing a lot! REST IN PEACE!

“Okay there is a twist to this last respect ppl give to their loved ones when gone.

Black as signs of sadness ..but in my case please Rock WHITE Cos i love this colour so much.

To all have made smiled and to those i have pissed off trust me im only being Human. Enikorewa i love u so much , Eriayo u name sums it all up u are truly d reason for my Joy.

Omobolanle ajoke u know i care .. Moradeke my mum may my God heal u and to my in-Laws Stay Blessed Always ❤.” .


  1. Suicide is not an option no matter what you are facing in life

  2. Why should you cause your loved once this kind of pains, imagine how your parents is going to feel about this. RIP

  3. Suicide is not the answer, your predicament today is just a step in your life

  4. You pray for your mum to be healed but add salt to her injury. This is not fair on her

  5. May God heal your mum, wife and protect the little kids you left behind..

  6. It is not the way to go, However RIP

  7. When I was facing some challenges that are more than my age I did not kill myself. Suicide is not an option rather a sin

  8. I'm sure anybody that commit suicide is weak