Monday, January 21, 2019

Lionel Richie's Son Arrested At Heathrow Airport Over Bomb Alert

Lionel Richie's son was cautioned by police after telling airport security staff he had a bomb in his bag which he would detonate on a plane.

Miles 'Milo' Brockman Richie, 24, who is a model, also hit a security guard in the incident at London Heathrow Airport's Terminal Five on Saturday morning.

Scotland Yard officers said a man had accepted a caution for communicating false information causing a bomb hoax and battery, but did not confirm it was Richie.

According to witnesses, Mr Richie became irate after being denied onto a flight - and claimed he would detonate a bomb on board if he was not allowed on.

Mr Richie then punched one of the members of staff before being detained by police. He has since been released.