Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Mariah Carey Settles With Ex-Manager Who Sued For S*xual Harassment Claiming Singer Was Often Nude Around Her

Mariah Carey and her ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov have settled their legal dispute.

The 48-year-old singer 'reached a mutually agreed to resolution of this matter' with Stella, The Blast reported quoting court documents.

Stella, who previously accused the pop star of sexual harassment, will 'discontinue this action against Mariah Carey with prejudice, with each party to bear its own attorneys’ fees and costs.'
Insiders claimed Stella was demanding over $100 million in the suit, on the grounds that this was her rightful cut of the money Mariah earned with her assistance.

Mariah and Stella stopped doing business together in November of 2017 and at the time released an amicable statement regarding their split.

'After working together for almost three years, Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov have determined that it is in their mutual best interest to part ways on day-to-day management,' the statement maintained.

'During their time working together, they have accomplished great things, including, most recently, Mariah Carey’s new music and motion picture projects for this upcoming holiday season,' it went on.
'Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov remain partners in a number of business ventures, and will continue to support each other in those endeavors.'

However, by the following April, Stella was filing court papers to sue under the U.S. Civil Rights Act and the Housing And Fair Employment Act.

Mariah's onetime manager, who worked on the pop act's Las Vegas residency agreement, was also alleging breach of contract, The Blast revealed.

Stella further claimed Mariah was often nude in her presence, constituting sexual harassment, TMZ reported around the time of the court filing.

The ex-manager said she was let go mid-contract and that this entitled her to  payment, according to a Page Six report.

'Stella Bulochnikov was terminated from employment as Mariah¹s manager due to failure to perform her job effectively and ill-serving her client. Stella was not under contract for employment,' said a representative for Mariah.

'She has been spreading false rumors to any media outlet that will publish them. We won’t respond to lies and threats. Again, if this frivolous and baseless claim is filed, we will defend against it vigorously and successfully.'

Prior to becoming Mariah's manager, Stella was an executive producer on such reality shows as T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle and Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

After Mariah hired her, sources told Page Six Stella was a 'Russian dictator' who 'practically moved in with Mariah and now she has so much stuff on her that she can get her to do anything. She’s pulling the strings, and Mariah does whatever she says.'

It was claimed in the same report that after Mariah brought Stella aboard, the musical icon cut a good deal of her old team loose.