Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Wife Won’t Allow Ladies Near Me- Oritsefemi

Lol, as if we don’t know. Abi I haven’t been saying it on this blog? Nabila isn’t in for nonsense, you can’t share her man + she is madly in love. So Oritsefemi just spoke with Sunday Scoops, and the singer spoke about his marriage and things he can’t do anymore as a married man, which includes not being able to hang out with women anymore, plus HIS WIFE EVEN MAKES IT CLEAR TO THEM, lol. His words;

“There are certain things I cannot do again because I am married. I respect my wife a lot. Though I still hang out with my male friends, I cannot do that with ladies any longer. My wife does not even allow ladies come near me. She makes it clear to them that I am her husband and they should stay away.”

The singer, however, rubbished claims that marriage makes male musicians lose their female fans. He said, “Ladies will still want you but they won’t show it publicly once they know you are married. Some of these ladies prefer married men to single men.


  1. The last part though, and a married man with a protective wife would do it codedly and save her name with a guys name. Time would tell.

  2. If i am your wife i wont allow anyone either

  3. If i am your wife i wont allow anyone either