Friday, January 4, 2019

Nigeria Is Home To Largest Number Of Backward Unprogressive Fools! Burna Boy Slams Critics

Burna Boy has slammed Nigerians who criticized him for calling out organizers of Coachella for writing his name so small on their flyers. While reacting to them, Burna says he is aware Nigeria is home to largest number of backward unprogressive Fools. Sigh!


  1. Someone is sounding so pained her

  2. Burna boy is 100% right. You sometime have to provoke first or stir up a storm to start a conversation, if not the topic is dead on arrival. Slavery has left Africa but the practice and doctrines of slavery has not left the continent or Nigeria. That mental slavery or colonial practice has been engraved or decorated into our brain, physical and spiritual being, which has now resulted in Africans not being able to reason, question things and think critically. Everything brought or written by a white man is the gospel truth. The people condemning him are intelligent, but all foolish at the same time. Whilst, I see the good work some pastors are doing and must be celebrated, but the fact remain that they have helped entrenching this belief in our system with their practices and doctrines. You will need your brain in either the second or third gear to understand this: before some people whip up sentiment with the bible verse (Psalm 105:15) "touch not my anointed” Our fathers, during Fela's era were saying that Fela was talking nonsense, now we are MORE ENLIGHTEN and not just intelligent to understand that isn't the case. The belief stemmed from the fact that some of our fathers were the first set of Africans to be exposed to western education and knowledge, so they know no better. With the internet age, information transfer and knowledge which was controlled in the past is now freely available. The control of information is a tool used for controlling and manipulating people in order to rule over those citizen. If you cannot control and influence, you cannot rule the world. That is the problem Africa and Nigeria is currently facing.