Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sacked Janitor Injures 20 Children In China School In What Looks Like A Revenge

A disgruntled former employee is accused of injuring 20 young children during a terrifying hammer rampage at a primary school in Beijing.

The school's headmaster told parents that the suspect had recently been sacked, while a former colleague claimed he was a janitor who failed his probation period.

Three students suffered serious injuries after being hit over the head and were rushed to a nearby hospital along with the other victims.

A number of pupils were in intensive care as they were treated for their injuries.

Police arrested a suspect after the horrifying attack which unfolded in the capital's Xicheng district just after 11am local time.

Earlier reports indicated the man was armed with a knife. The school and parents later said he was armed with a hammer.

A former school maintenance worker told the South China Morning Post the attack was carried out by a former temporary janitor at the school who was angry at not having passed his probation.

A parent claimed: “The attacker... used a hammer-like weapon to hit the children’s skulls one by one, before he was stopped by the PE teacher.”