Wednesday, January 9, 2019

SEE The Incredible Carry-On Suitcase That Folds Out Into A WARDROBE

Travelling can often mean an endless cycle of packing, unpacking and then re-packing suitcases.

But not with this nifty suitcase - because it folds out into a wardrobe. And what's more, hangers are not needed.

The suitcase, called the Carry-on-Closet, has been created by New York-based Solgaard Design, and features built-in soft shelving, which expands and collapses into the shell.

So you never need unpack your case manually. Once opened, the shelving, which is removable, is designed to be hung from the extended handle of the case, creating an instant wardrobe. 

The shelves are different sizes, with the smaller top shelf ideal for toiletries and the bigger middle shelves ideal for bulkier items such as sweaters.