Woman Sneezes Out Ring She Lost 12 Years Ago


A beautician has been reunited with the ring she lost 12 years ago after sneezing the item of jewellery out into a tissue.

Abigail Thompson, 20, a beauty therapist from West Yorkshire, discovered the gold ring glistening in her snot after experiencing a sneezing fit.

Ms Thompson lost the ring, which was a present from her mother, in 2007 shortly after her eighth birthday and had long held the belief that it had been stolen by one of her friends. 

She said: ‘My mum had bought it for me as a present that year and it was a few months after that I noticed it had gone missing.

‘I never ever in a million years would have guessed it had got stuck up my nose.

‘I always had a few friends over, we always would sit on my bed and she thought one of them must have just taken it when they were over at my house.

‘Mum thought one of them must have stolen it.
‘There was no other explanation as to where it could have gone.’

Ms Thompson expressed the shock she felt when the gold ring finally came flying out of her nose during a particularly strong sneezing fit.

She said: ‘Well it was just a normal day, I was sat on my sofa and I started sneezing loads and then I looked in the tissue and I was like ‘What the hell is that?’

‘I felt a sharp feeling but I didn’t think of it until I looked in the tissue.

‘Then I looked at it and I went: ‘Oh My God, that’s the ring!’

According to Ms Thompson, she had not felt the ring as it lay inside her nose for all these years.

She joked: ‘I never had a clue that it was up there. I never felt it.

‘I had no problems with breathing growing up, nothing has changed since it has come out either.

Dr Naveen Cavale, the Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Real Plastic Surgery, explained that incidents like such as Ms Thompson’s are quite common.

He said: ‘It doesn’t surprise me, it is an unusual story, but kids have beads and toys stuck up their nose all the time.

‘It is possible that it was just wedged in and as she has grown up, the space in which it was wedged in would have got bigger and it was able to riggle loose and come out.

‘It has probably being wedged at the back of the nose between two hard boney bits and they kept it in place.’

‘You don’t often feel these things stuck at the back as a lot of the parts of the nose to the back, don’t have sensation.

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