Friday, January 25, 2019

Woman Thrown Out Of Gym Because Her Crop Top Was Too 'Distracting' For Men

When you go to the gym, you're probably not all that focused on what everyone around you is doing.

You're concentrating on working up a sweat and staying on the treadmill for just one more minute.

But one woman was recently told she needed to think more about the other people working out - because she was distracting them.

However it wasn't her crunches or impressive lifts that had people stopping what they were doing, it was her outfit, which bared about an inch of flesh on her stomach.

Law student Marny, 22, was shocked when a female member of staff approached her at a gym she'd been attending in Constance, Germany for the last two years.

She claims the woman told her "you can't train like that" and indicated to her work out gear, which consisted of a black crop top and trousers.

According to staff at the gym her outfit was deemed too "distracting".

Speaking to the Standard, Marny said: "She told me 'you can't train like that' and I was just looking at her confused because I didn't know what she meant.

"She said: 'you can't wear a sports bra.'

"I was shocked because it wasn't a sports bra and even if it was, why not?"

She added: "The trainer said it was distracting for other guests around."

The young woman posted a photo of her gym clothes on Twitter , showing that only a small portion of skin around her stomach and back would have been visible during her exercise session.

Alongside the image, she wrote: "Just got kicked out of my gym, because my clothes were too 'revealing' (see photo) and were confusing the men in the gym. "

She added: "What century are we in again? So sad."

Her post quickly went viral, garnering over 1,700 likes.

Many people also took the time to share support for Marny and shame the unnamed gym company.

One person replied: "What are the men confused about?? Have they never seen a woman before?!"

Another said: "That's too revealing? The only way that is too revealing is by the standards of 100 years ago."

A third added: "Sorry, what?! People at my gym and yoga studio train in shorts and sports bras and nobody even notices. Formal complaint time."


  1. There is npthing bad in what she is wearing naw

  2. Lol they say no time for marketing

  3. "No body, no crime"
    Unless you provide the gym name, the rebuttal from the female employee, and images from her actually at the gym. Or at least an eye witnesses to prove that she didn't change her outfit, then this is fake news. It's sensationalism.

    "One person replied: "What are the men confused about?? Have they never seen a woman before?!""

    Considering it was a female who kicked her out, why suddenly blame men? Misandry of course.

    You, along with thousands of others apparently, are now not only accepting allegations from an unconfirmed source, Marny, concerning an unconfirmed gym, and about an unconfirmed employee but you are automatically making the assumption that this is a guys fault. Do you know Marny? Do you know that she was being rude female employee? Do you know that she was flirting with the guys, and the female employee was jealous, so used any excuse she could think up to kick Marny out? Do you know that clothing is not a fixed object and can be moved or changed? SO were you there and saw her in that outfit? And you saw that she hadn't somehow altered the outfit since then. And you were there to know that she even went to the gym at all and didn't just snap the photo and put the post up to get a reaction? How do you know this isn't a hoax? How do you know the gym exists? How do you know the employee exists? How do you know the alleged employee wasn't jealous and made up the excuse to kick Marny out? How do you know that Marny isn't a bitch, and so the employee wanted an excuse to get rid of her?

    The fact is that, if you allow your opinions, thoughts, and ideas to become formed and reinforced by a sensationalism and lies, then what do you think your world view will be founded upon? Reality, or a false narrative that will eventually create a lot of problems for a lot of innocent people? This is brainwashing people, wake up before it's too late. Ask the hard questions. Don't believe any news without heaps of proof, and legitimate reliable sources that can back all of it up.

    What bothers me with all of this ever growing lack of validity to news and reporting, is that every time people cry wolf, they are actually insulting and attacking the very same victims they purport to be.

    Shame, shame on you all.