Monday, February 4, 2019

Ex-Priest, 80, Who Married Toyboy, 25, Happy Despite Living 1,500 Miles Apart

A retired priest who married his toyboy lover after meeting online says he's happier than ever, despite their 55 year age gap.

Philip Clements, 80, tied the knot with Florin Marin, 25, in 2017 - but they now live 1,500 miles apart.

Last summer, aspiring model Florin - originally from Romania - got a job with a car rental company and they've had to live separately ever since.

But Philip, who lives in Dover, said he has never been so happy.

He said: "Florin is my first long and meaningful relationship since I retired from the church, I am just so in love with him.

"He is the funniest man ever, he makes me laugh until my belly hurts.

"Laughter is such an important ingredient to our marriage. Florin is the most amazing man and is so handsome.

"I hate it when we are not together, but we have accepted it and we are now stronger as a couple now we live apart.

"Being miles apart doesn't affect our relationship at all, we talk daily on FaceTime and I look forward to catching up and hearing about his day at work.

The couple who met on dating site Gaydar in 2015, now meet up every two to three months and have been on holidays to Turkey, Spain and Romania.

Florin, who is also an aspiring model, said: "Some people might say what have we got in common when we are 50 years apart, but actually we have loads in common and enjoy each others company.

"My family have accepted our marriage and think a lot of Philip which is amazing.