Thursday, February 7, 2019

Nigerians Are Going Crazy For Designers! [Photos]

Oh dear! When we do a thing, we do it to the extreme! Hushpuppi was the one that started ‘abusing’ it, lol. Not the first to always rock designers head to toe, but he 'abused' it when he made it a daily thing and alas peeps got to recognize him. Sigh! Fast forward to Pretty Mike, the club owner has started 'abusing' designers too lol. As if the Fendi he has been giving us back to back from head to toe isn't enough, Pretty Mike is out here doing the D&G and well it's head to toe too! Ok! We see you, lol.



  1. Borrow pose. Some of them borrow these items from their personal shoppers ladun don't be deceived

  2. Nigerians and you showed just pretty mike! And when did he become light skinned

  3. All na vanity upon vanity