Twitter Users Share VERY X-Rated Stories About The Craziest Things To Ever Happen To Them During S*x


Hundreds of social media users have shared the craziest things to happen to them while having s-x in a truly wild — and X-rated — Twitter thread.

In late December, Twitter user @cynanii from Pittsburgh, California posed the question, ‘Whats the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you during s-x???’

After resurfacing on BuzzFeed this week, the thread is earning attention once again for its jaw-dropping content.

Though many of the tales are awkward, shocking, and even embarrassing, hundreds of people were all too eager to share their deeply personal experiences with the general public.

Some have been walked in on in the middle of the act, others took S&M too far, and quite a few have been interrupted by pets, phone calls, and bodily injury.

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