Monday, February 18, 2019

Uche Jumbo Is Out Of Nigeria’s Only 4-Girl Group

Nigeria’s only 4-girl group consists of Uche Jombo, Omoni Oboli, Chioma Akpotha and ufuoma mcdermott. They were all colleagues until one day they rolled out photos announcing them as Nigeria’s only 4-girl group! They became so close that they acted in movies together, go on vacations together and practically couldn’t have a week go by without coming together.

So many of their colleagues were happy for them, that they found EACH OTHER, while some became envious, and the ‘sisters’ even sometimes take a swipe at them saying they are unbreakable.

Trouble however began when Uche collaborated with Ini Edo to drop a movie, her latest film, and Omoni Oboli was MISSING FROM THE PREMIERE. What? How??

Then Nigerians started digging… and before they could dig afar, Ini Edo helped out by calling out Omoni saying she is indeed a ‘good’ friend for snubbing Uche’s movie premiere.

Long story cut short, Omoni hasn’t been seen with Uche since then and Uche hasn’t been seen with the girl-group either.

So over the weekend, Omoni and Chioma went to Ufuoma who has been under the weather. Ufuoma brought the gist on instagram, with Uche Jombo clearly missing from the photo, but no words from the girls, which shows she is not being missing.

Many are now concluding the one time bubbling 4-girl group without mincing words can now be addressed as a 3-girl group as Uche Jombo as bowed out.

And hopefully the group won’t turn two, and then one…. Which eventually makes it all man for himself! Below is what Ufuoma wrote about her friends viist…

‘’I have been very sick (if you mention pregnancy here, I will join forces with @nathanielblow to pray triplets upon you!) for the past three days. Thank God for social media. E don become cover up tool ๐Ÿ˜‚

I honestly wouldn’t have been able to vote in that condition so ... thank you @inecnigeria ( someone must benefit from every bad tin)
My sisters made sure I was “well”. I fat pass who Dey sick. If you see the whole supermarket they brought to my house sef... ees like I wee plan the time of my getting better ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Thanks ๐Ÿ™ girls. You and the kids made me laugh a lot. Love you.’’


  1. Lol! Nigerians reaching! In a four relationship there would be 2 that are closest and would save stronger than the others and one woulda never lagging behind

  2. As if we don't know

  3. It started on a fake level and must end that way. See omoni's yeye face

  4. Because Uche does not pretend

  5. Obviously uche jumbo can not live fake life. Friendship is not one sided if it is it's better to stay by yourself.they all talk about each other behind. We are watching frankly I'm happy not seeing fantastic 4 pictures on omoni page every day with rubbish write up when we heard she didn't even call her friend her premiere day ,the day ini called her out was the day I started following ini