Friday, February 8, 2019

Yoruba Actor Tokunbo Awoga EXPOSES Colleagues

Wahala wa o! Nollywood actor, Tokunbo Awoga has taken to his instagram page to EXPOSE his colleagues, saying though he didnt want to do that, but he is forced to do so due to the increase in this so called fake life. Lol, Tokunbo must be 'bornagain' cus the way the dude take preach? you must really have the fear of God... But leave them now, lol.

Tokunbo wrote:
I seriously don't know what is wrong with people these days, you post houses, cars etc... You do a picture mix of yourself with the car and all post and start begging peeps to help you repost please how much is that repost bringing to your table??? Yes, it's good to have the good things of life but you must learn these things are not for public display, they are your personal achievement..

You don't need to buy a car and tell us about your life drama, we care less... It doesn't mean we are not happy for you but a yoruba adage says "Ti isu eni ba ta, a man fi owo bo je ni".

 A lot of people have done worse things trying to live up to the fakeness they see on IG, some even borrow cars and all to post just to live the fake life, I know of some actually warming the bed of car dealers just to come to IG every 5-6months to post cars that were given to them just temporarily....

When you don't even have a steady income as an upcoming actor and you went to get an higher purchase car of 6million and above and only dropped 1million, please how do you intend paying the rest, how much are you bn paid per movie, what's the sense in this foolishness?? Selling your soul to the devil just to come brag on IG or selling your body for material things.

 As much as I don't want to talk about this, it is becoming alarming day after day what my people do just to come here on IG to display their childishness and foolishness. "Omo oju o ri ola ri, lo n so omo e ni ola ni yo nu" Instagram is supposed to be a means of promoting your business and projecting your creativity and ideas to the world. You bn rich, successful or happy is not measured by houses, cars and all but by greater things. There's nuffn bad in taking a selfie in your car or a picture in your living room but a lot of people need to realise that the car you are flaunting and picture mixing interior and exterior is another mans give away object yet he is not making noise.... it's wiser to buy a bag of 50k and have 1million in it than to buy a bag of 1million and have 50k in it... Let's start making use of our brains, it's important Ooo


  1. This one born again with his hair?

  2. Exposed
    I said it cos all these actresses that I have never seen in movies are the ones acquiring new ride

  3. I think this one is just jealous bittered soul

  4. All in the name of being a celeb

  5. Glad social media does not freak me

  6. Okay oh! But not everyone would listen!

  7. It is well... I just pity the little kids or some grown up "adults" who want to take after their for me? I care less... whatever rock their boats.