Monday, March 11, 2019

Abstain From Pre-Marital S-x Reno Warns Again

People have started coming for him on twitter, but he speaks the truth!


  1. Sure.... May God give us understanding,amen

  2. Story- the man nko! C'mmon carry your ideas that devalue women EFF off! I can show you a virgin that ended being divorced after a short union, she is taking care of the child sole or the 'holy' woman that ended up confirming that it was better to do it outside to the chagrin of those who know her; BTW joining by men is not same as God has joined together that's why u see many couples physically joined but not spiritually. How else do you even explain kids who turn out better even though they were born out of man-made wedlock. Considering the truth I see- it's not worth it being judged by virginity.