Friday, March 1, 2019

Alao Akala Dumps ADP For APC?

Has Alao Akala a former governor of Oyoi State and presently the Governorship candidate of the Action Democratic Party, ADP in Oyo State dumped his party few days to ELECTION?

Well, according to, Akala has dumped his party despite he is the party’s Governorship candidate in the March 9th election. The website reports that, Akala made a u-turn yesterday after visiting Tinubu a second time, with his wife and son – Lamiju Akala who was stripped off his Local Government chairman postion when he decamped last month. Hopefully, he will get the position back now if his father has truly decamped.

Recall, APC Chieftain, Bola Tinubu is trying all his best to get Oyo State first seat for APC after Atiku shockingly won the Presidential election in the state. Fingers crossed!


  1. It is about the highest bidder. PDP are also consulting him

  2. I wish the young generation will practice better politics