Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blackface Beef: Reno Omokri Writes Tuface

Aww Tuface is getting so much support from Nigerians since Blackface dropped his diss track—‘war’ on Monday. According to Reno Omokri who has been a twitter giant, Tuface should remain being sweet. Recall Basket Mouth also dropped his 2 cent, telling Tuface to give Blackface the sum of N70,000 so he can stop being bitter.

Other Nigerians also doubted the gay story, when Blackface alleged in the track that Tuface was gay and gets it from his behind. Many said, Tuface is officially a father of 7 and unofficially a father of many kid he might not even know, so where is the gay story coming from. Reno’s tweet below...

"Dear @official2baba, Keep being better than haters. Let them be bitter than you, never better. Be so sweet that haters have no choice but to take a bite out of you. Instead of complaining about their bites, see it as evidence of your sweetness and give God glory"


  1. Reno is not busy. Must he put his mouth in everything?

  2. Why is everyone backing 2baba? What if there is truth behind all Blackface allegations? People like tubaba can actually be doing something bad nderneath

    1. Enter your reply...Remember 2baba is bless with 7kids

  3. Must this one put his mouth in everything?

  4. Blackface may jealpusy not kill you.

  5. I meant jealousy

  6. Black get to the studio and work. Inspiration no dey finish, you should be ashamed of yourself that after all these years each time we hear your its when you nagging about tuface. His name is two face, him no get ur time

  7. Enough of this mr. Blackface you know the right thing to do if u are so sure,go to court.

  8. Both of you are brothers
    blackface I really dislike your attitudes towards tuface
    if you are broke beg tuface to give you money instead of this public disgrace you are giving yourself every day. if you are the persons that sing Africa Queen do you think any body will buy? you better get busy and work hard pls