Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Diamond’s Sister Speaks On Claims They Neglected Their Father Who Has Never Been There For Them

Tanzanian musician Queen Darleen has come to the defense of her brother Diamond Platnumz over claims that he has neglected their father, who sells second hand shoes for a living.

Mzee Abdul Naseeb, has been conducting several interviews recently where he claimed his two celebrity children have neglected him despite living lavish lifestyles.

Diamond and Queen Darleen, all signed to Wasafi Classic Label, share a father but are from different mothers.

Mzee Abdul has accused Diamond of refusing to make peace with him for abandoning his mother while he was still a child.

Queen Darling has opened up on their relationship with their father, saying their financial help will never be enough to him.

She added that they frequently call their father to know how he is faring.

Queen Darling added that their old man is doing fine and images showing him in ill health were taken in 2015.

“We call daddy and talk to him regularly but now he wants you to go and when he comes to visit you, he comes with all his friends. And the pictures circulating online seem to have taken in 2015,” Queen Darleen told Wasafi TV.