Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Esther Ijewere Writes On How Lady She Connected To A First Lady Turned Around To Betray Her

Nigerian author, advocate, women and girl child's rights activist, Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye has taking to Facebook to write about how she helped a lady get connected to a certain First Lady in Nigeria and when it was time to include her (Esther) in the business, the lady kicked telling the First Lady, Esther shouldn’t be included. According to Esther, this has been a burden on her mind and she just as to let it go somehow, hence the spill! The story….

I have been having "Shoulda woulda" moment over these issues and I honestly need to put it out to let it off my mind.

A while back, I featured a wonderful sister on Women of Rubies whose project and tenacity caught my attention online, Posted her story everywhere personally aside from our page to support her in my usual form. Then last month the First lady of a notable state in Nigeria who use A cover up name on LinkedIn and has been following me for quite sometime and seen the sister's story reached out and asked for her contact , the State wanted her to handle a community project in line with her area of focus, I gave her the number and kindly asked not to be mentioned when they contact the sister. I honestly didn't want to be in the Picture.

To my surprise, the First lady reached out last week and told me she wasn't going along with the sister again and I asked why, According to her they flew the sister in from Lagos to come pitch her plan to her and the Governor and then move on to next steps, during the course of the meeting the First lady talked about some "women" media outfits she would love the Post-event photos to be published and the moment she said "Women of Rubies", the sister said "No" they should take us out with some unpleasant things. The First lady said she was shocked and that really put her and the rest of her team off immediately but she didn't say anything in front of her husband till they finished the meeting and told her I had spoken highly of her and gave her contact but she was highly disappointed Aunty didn't want us to be listed for media publicity.

Anyway, they didn't give her the project and Aunty sent me an epistle on Saturday begging me to talk to "Madam", I told her it's beyond me, which is the truth because everyone on "Madam's team said NO. She blocked me everywhere afterwards, That's okay. We react to things differently, I have not wronged her in anyway.

I am sharing this to show how people can be quick to pull out the seat from under you when you are trying to hold their own so they won't fall. Also, because we share some mutual friends and she could go and sell her own version to them.

It's not my joy to see her miss such an opportunity, I hate to see people sad or face disappointment at the edge of their breakthrough but this isn't on me and God sees my conscience.

When I support people I expect NOTHING in return but don't try to make me sink, I am a praying woman and I go to bed every night with a clear conscience.

Let's be guided in all our dealings in life. Let's truly support each other sisters. If I adjust your crown, don't make mine fall.

Happy Monday...


  1. Such is life

  2. Ladun please just stop. Tell this girl to drop her silly pride first you hear

  3. Mtchews, i no get time reading this jor

  4. You introduced someone for a position you are interested in or what? are you that gullible?