Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fertility Doctor Used OWN Sperm To Father 48 Children Without Parents' Knowledge

A fertility doctor used his own sperm to inseminate unwitting women at his clinic and father at least 48 children, it has emerged.

Dr Donald Cline, 80, ran a clinic where he was trusted for decades to help couples conceive.

But many couples have recently discovered their children's true identities. Many have slammed the doctor and authorities in Indianapolis.

Cline was convicted for lying about dozens of inseminations but Indiana law doesn't specifically prohibit fertility doctors from using their own sperm.

Yet Heather Woock, 33, recently found Cline was her dad.

She told The Atlantic she did some research using Ancestry.com and a DNA test her husband gave her for Christmas.

And her parents, who went to Cline for donor insemination, say they had no idea that he was the person who provided the sperm sample.

Many of Cline's other children have built a community since learning the news, keeping in touch through a Facebook group.

Jacoba Ballard, 37, was also sickened after the discovery.