Friday, March 29, 2019

Graphic Photos: Body Guard In Sierra Leone Shoots Army Officer Boss Dead

The Republic of Sierra Leone Army Forces (RSLMF) has lost one of their own. Sgt. Maj. Issa Kamara was shot dead by his bodyguard yesterday after he gave instructions to him.

It was said that, their was a bit of argument over his deployment in Sierra Rutile. The body guard got upset, went into his room picked up his rifle and emptied 28 bullets on his boss.

He has been arrested and now detained at the navy headquarters in Freetown. He is like to be executed by firing squad.


  1. Something must have been making him angry. It is more than this

  2. Short men are devilish

  3. What could have happened? His wife is now a widow

  4. heya...he just wasted his life