Friday, March 1, 2019

Lola Alao Wins Custody Battle Over Late Actress Aisha Abimbola’s Kids

Late Aisha Abimbola’s bestie, Lola Alao has won the custody battle over her children. Shortly after Aisha’s death, Lola and the family of the late husband’s family have been in a battle of who should take custody of the children. Canadian government then invited the two parties and eventually gave the custody of the children to Lola Alao.

Aisha’s husband has not been responsible for the kids when she was alive and Lola knows about all of this and he is as a matter of fact a resident in Nigeria. Lola shared the news on instagram saying;

‘’Yes o ore mi I thank God. Victory at last. Continue to Rest In Peace Aisha Abimbola’’


  1. Good friend. Your friend will be proud of you in her grave

  2. As long as it is not for selfish interest, because people can't be trusted

  3. I love kids so much id have done same thing. Very good friend