Friday, March 15, 2019

Nigerian Film Maker, Egor Efiok Cries Out, I’m About To Lose My London Home

Nigerian filmmaker, Egor Efiok has cried out on Facebook saying she is about to lose her London home. She says this has got her stressed and now depressed. Egor who says she has a business meeting in the US on Monday, but can’t even travel, says whatever wants to happen, should happen because she is TIRED. Her SOS below…


  1. Why do you want to loose the home

  2. Loose it and come back to your country, attention seeker oshi

  3. And are we the one to help us?

  4. She's claiming she's a very good person, all she has ever done is good good good. Even Jesus never described Himself like that. Yet, she can and very freely. This level of arrogance, I don't know whether to fear for her, or pity her.

    Dear Egor Efiok, you will not die, in Jesus' mighty and matchless Name. I have been praying for you by name for up to a year now, if not more. You will live so that you can return to Nigeria empty-handed and pay for every crime you have committed or helped perpetrate in Calabar. You thought you could do any nonsense you like in Nigeria, then run back to London cos you're a British citizen. When I look at Calabar, I am heartbroken yet furious. Where do we start? People (including pensioners) haven't been paid in 17months yet you see nothing wrong with Ayade. Instead you openly said Ayade should continue "because it's his turn". Look at the evil you're defending! People cannot eat. Civil servants are living in uncompleted buildings and churches cos their landlords have chased them out of their houses cos of lack of payment of rent, caused by the fact that salaries haven't been paid for long. Shall I talk about the Bakassi people? The fake promises Ayade made to them? Those people are living rougher than rough! But you thought you'd run back to the safety of your London house? You lie. Many of your daughter's agemates in Calabar are sitting at home - how can they go to school when parents haven't been paid for more than a year??? There are girls in Obanliku even younger than your Fifi, being ignored as they're given out forcefully in marriage, but I have never heard your voice concerning them. You gave people false hope under the guise of Callywood, I was just watching you. You and everyone who has done this to Calabar, will pay with all you have and are.

    No, Egor, you will NOT die. Come back to the land you betrayed, and make restitution. After that, you can die if you wish.

    PS: Ladun, better post this. And if you can, send it to her. Make she know where her wahala dey come from.

    1. Egor is not a government official

      Keep your curses to yourself... attack your government...Organize civil society and civil servants in your state against the present government and stop cursing Egor.

      And you Ladun delight in posting stuff about have done this for far too long....The lady was in pain when she posted that she was about to loose a house she got since 1994 would you feel if you were in her shoes?

      I pray someone does another Lilian Unachukwu on you soon.


    2. Ofcus this is Egor poor soul. What business does Ladun have with your personal life? Lmao

    3. And what did lilian do to her? Go and ask them how it ended. Aunty you are too old for this shit. Be at peace with everyone, maybe, just maybe God will forgive you